You might not need to hire A-players

Common advice when it comes to hiring is to only hire A-players. Don’t settle for less and make sure you hire the best in the world. If you do this then you will have a successful team, that’s what the advice says anyway. But what happens when you’ve already got a team, or maybe you don’t have access to hiring the A-players in the market?

Well I think that you might be in luck. Great teams beat a team of A-players. Teams that have great leaders, and that operate in cultures of trust, have team members that go in all-in. These teams are highly motivated and motivated teams beat a team of unmotivated stars any day of the week.

Motivated people stay back lack because they want to. Motivated people operate unselfishly to help a struggling team mate to improve. Motivated people think about the company and how they can improve the business. Motivated people improve their skills in their own time.

There are stats that say that highly motivated teams can be 5x more productive than teams with low morale. A 5x increase in production more than makes up for the lack of skills this team might have.

So if you can’t hire the best individuals in the market, go out there and make the best team instead.



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