The difference when you love it

In business you can have a job that you do for the money, or one that you do because you love it.

When you love the job and the work it makes a massive difference. When you love it you put more care into your work. When you love it you think about ways to improve it each day. When you love your job you think about the long term and consider your actions more closely.

People who love their jobs think about them all the time, even once they leave the office. People who love their jobs can’t wait to come back to work the next week and get started on their project again. People who love their job find themselves only working for part of the day, because for them its not really a chore.

Finding work that you love is important to your success. It also helps with your overall level of happiness too. So keep trying to find the thing that you love to do.



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Chris Lacey

Chris Lacey


Sharing some thoughts and a few observations along the way.