Bedding in a new process

When bedding in a new system or process into a team you need to give them all a bit of time to settle in.

Teams need time to adjust to changes in process, changes in communication amongst team members, changes in meeting times, changes in the way they prepare their day. Teams need time to adjust the frequency of communication and dealing with the information they used to have in abundance and now not so much.

Team members can find that remembering and repeating the new requirements can be difficult. So, giving team members time to practice is important.

Sometimes team members are a little unsure, lack confidence, or are afraid that the new system won’t work. They need time to be reassured and feel confident in how things will be working.

Other times your team needs you to project a calm self-assuredness while they bed in the new system. Showing the team that you are confident in its success and understand how it works is important.

But overall you need to give your team time. To fix the kinks, to settle in, and then get going with the new way of working.



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Chris Lacey

Chris Lacey

Sharing some thoughts and a few observations along the way.